I started with Melissa after telling myself that I needed to make a change. I was overweight and feeling terrible about myself. I am a busy mom of three and I put everyone and everything before myself and my health. I was tired and cranky a lot. I was chosen to participate in a local gyms Body Shape Up challenge. I told myself that for twelve weeks I was going to put myself first and do whatever was asked of me. I didn’t look past those twelve weeks. In the beginning it was very hard. I was self conscious and there were times I wondered what I was doing. I started working with Melissa and she encouraged me and told me I could do it. I mostly did cardio and strength training. I started eating healthier. After a few weeks I started to feel better about myself and my surroundings. Each week I realized I was losing weight and growing stronger. Then I started feeling better about myself. I knew I could do whatever I put my mind to. After twelve weeks when the challenge ended I found out that I had lost 33 pounds and 29.5 inches. I increased my strength and flexibility. I lost 12.5 inches off my waist alone, thats over a foot! My pants have gone down 3 sizes. I look better and feel better. I am forever thankful for Melissa who has been essential to me. I am grateful that she has helped me change my life and get back to being the wife/mother/friend/person that I want to be. I know now that I can do anything I put my mind to and I am determined to remain healthy and be a good example for my children.   ~Theresa Darling Tremper  


In regards to Melissa Cardone, I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Melissa Cardone who is a professional physical fitness and martial arts instructor as well as a dedicated personal trainer. Melissa has served as my Fitness/Martial Arts instructor helping me to drop 35 pounds and 8.5% body fat in eight weeks. This result with her help was enough for me to win the 2016 Mac body shape up challenge! In addition, Melissa was instrumental in helping me successfully set a new Guinness world record for Speedbag Marathon of 40 consecutive hours. She served as both a trainer and a second and her contribution to the attempt could not be overemphasized. Her knowledge of nutrition and physical training as well as her support and encouragement enabled me to achieve success in both these endeavors. Melissa Cardone is someone who’s professionalism, experience and knowledge would benefit anyone in any capacity when it comes to physical fitness , changing your physique and meeting all your goals. I know this to be true because I have experienced it for myself twice, with a won Fitness competition (over 60 competitors) and a Guinness World Record, all within a years time! Thank you Melissa.    ~ Frank Duncan Guinness World Book Record Holder 


When I’m looking to change up my stagnant routine and get inspired, I reach out to Melissa. Her workouts are fresh and dynamic. We never do the same workout twice. She gets me out of the hamster wheel of the gym and into the fresh air as we workout outside. Her special combo of marital arts, boxing, and strength training are unlike the typical workouts I do. She has a way of challenging me while also holding a safe caring space for my wellbeing. I love working out with her. ~Annick Magac


Melissa Cardone is a wonderful personal trainer. She has made exercising bearable for the laziest, most sedentary person – me. In the past, I’ve purchased equipment, joined gyms and made promises, none of which I followed through for more than a few months. But that all changed when I started training with Melissa. Her workouts are challenging but Melissa makes the session fun and the time move quickly. She also is very careful to make sure I workout in a way that is safe and does not cause injury. Melissa has shown me that I am strong! Thank you, Melissa.  ~Michelle Funnccius    


Melissa and I have worked together for quite a few years. She has helped me to try to overcome several serious physical issues, coaxing me to work through bad knees, back surgery’s iffy results, a cranky shoulder and a lazy attitude. She remains cheerful, enthusiastic and knowledgeable throughout. Highly recommended!!!!!  ~Kayla Abelove Feldman  


I began working out with Melissa nearly three years ago.I had never met her and had no idea what to expect. I have been a fit and competitive person my whole life, but I was looking for a change and new challenge. Melissa became my trainer and from day one, I was excited. Her enthusiasm, energy and knowledge is unprecedented. She immediately connected with my goals and passion to obtain them. The workouts she designed for me, are immense and never complacent. I truly enjoy walking into the studio and never knowing what she has planned. In just over 4 months, she transformed me mentally and physically. I would encourage anyone who is looking to strive higher physically or just beginning their journey, to become involved with Peak Fitness.   ~Shawn McDermott  


I love working out with Melissa! She is enthusiastic and encouraging with just the right amount of discipline. Her workouts are challenging and fun. And because she has a portable gym in the back of her car we can work out anywhere. She is always flexible and accommodating with my schedule. I highly recommend her!  ~Lindsay Shands


 In 2013 graduated from the police academy in the best shape of my life. For the next several years, I was tasked with working long days and nights, not getting enough sleep, eating unhealthy and not finding enough time to get in the gym and stay in the shape I wanted to be in. Fast forward to 2017 I was presented the opportunity to join my department’s SWAT team. After passing the interview process, I was tasked with taking a PT test at the 70% percentile of the Cooper Standard. I had just over a month to get in shape for the test and I needed to pass it in order to get on the team and go to SWAT school. I tried training myself, but was not seeing the improvement I needed so I decided to contact Melissa at Peak Fitness to get back into the physical condition I was in when I graduated the academy in 2013. With only a few one-on-one sessions, Melissa was able to quickly transform me back into the shape I was in and prepared me for my PT test. Melissa never let me quit, pushed me just like the drill instructors did in the police academy (except she smiled), and helped me build confidence within myself to pass the test. Fast forward to the day of the test, I passed with ease and moved on to SWAT school where I graduated as one of the top in my class. I would recommend anyone who is just starting their fitness journey and looking for guidance, or to someone who is “in shape”, but wanting to bring themselves to the next level.   ~Joe S.   


When I first began working out with Melissa I was young and had all the time in the world. I worked with her almost everyday and was with out a doubt in the best shape of my life. Fast forward a few years and 2 kids later working out was not a thing. After reconnecting with Melissa and letting her know my goals and limitations (having to bring one or two babies with me to a workout) I began to get into shape again. Melissa was always open to me having a little one there and sometimes we even used a baby as weight for an exercise! Melissa helped me get back to my postpartum body and helped me feel like myself again.  ~Alexis Sarandon  


I first met Melissa about a year after my third child was born. I had three C- Sections ,had turned 40, and needed to a mommy make-over (without the surgery) desperately for both my mind and body. She was a personal trainer at the time at the MAC and I was just lucky that they assigned her to me. I was out of shape, over weight, and forgot how to do everything in a gym setting. My brain was mush.Our personalities really worked well together because she was fun to be with, but at all times, she subtly motivated me to work at my hardest in my entire life. She really made it easy to work like a beast. She also had the same aesthetic in mind for me in terms of how I wanted to look. I didn’t want to be bulky. The workouts she chose for me were appropriate. I just loved coming, taking time just for me, even though some mornings, with the kids having exhausted me, I wanted to cancel.Once I got there I was always glad I stayed the course.After months of hard work, I was without a doubt, in the best shape of my life ,hands down. Even before the kids. I looked great, I felt strong, I was seriously very fit. I could do things I never had been able to do. I also learned enough to be able to go to the gym after that period, and know how to work out without a trainer.Melissa is very dedicated to being the best trainer. She does that by taking her education seriously. She is always keeping her knowledge base current. She practices what she preaches but she is always very human and relatable. I worked out with her, over the years, here and there, as a treat, when I need some motivation.I have tried other personal trainers over the years. There are a lot of great qualified people around to choose from. Everyone has to find the right person to partner with to make it work. For me, Melissa is that person because I feel she used all her skills, including a natural gift of psychology to motivate me to commit and really enjoy the process at the same time. I liked the results I got from working with her better than with anyone else. Actually, while writing this testimonial, I am realizing that I should treat myself for some more sessions with Melissa. She is totally worth it. Now, at age 50, I think it’s time for another makeover for me! I wouldn’t want to choose anyone else for the job ~Dr. Jodee Keller Chiropractor 

I trained with Melissa at PEAK Fitness after the loss of my father. She was the cornerstone to getting me where I am today, both mentally and physically. Melissa was able to understand my needs from the beginning. As someone who hadn’t worked out in a while she started as slow as I needed and really concentrated on the movements for each exercise. This allowed me to progress without risking an injury. I often compare working out with her to a GPS. She always knew what we were doing leading me to my goals with little planning on my end. I was never burdened with having to come up with my workouts or wondering if I was working the correct muscle groups on the correct days. Melissa offered a full package of diet and exercise for me to reach full body health. I am forever grateful for the coaching and support she provided. ~Andrew Rothlein