Personal Training Programs

Benefits of Personal Training: 

  • Accurate Fitness Assessments
  • Enhanced Motivation
  • Ensure proper form
  • Increased Accountability
  • Expert Support
  • Efficient Workouts
  • Rapid Results


Areas of speciality: 

  • Body sculpting
  • HIIT (high intensity interval training)
  • Cardiovascular conditioning
  • Pre and Post Natal 
  • Sport Specific Training 
  • Kickboxing
  • Strength training 

Personal Training


Hiring a personal trainer can benefit everyone from the exercise novice to the seasoned athlete. As a trainer, working with a broad range of people keeps me challenged and allows me to never fall into a repetitive routine. I am always looking for creative new ways to keep my clients challenged and engaged. There are no quick fixes here. You will have to work hard and be dedicated to see change. Together we will discuss your goal and a realistic time frame in which to achieve it. We will come up with a plan and I will make sure you are accountable and motivated every step of the way. More then just exercise goes into a successful training plan, therefore we I will also discuss smart eating habits and other changes you can make to aide in your success.I don’t believe in fad diets and instead I place value in learning how to nourish your body by eating real whole foods. When you have a proper diet and your body is receiving the nutrients it needs, you’ll find that cravings for sweets and unhealthy foods fade away naturally.


A positive attitude also plays an important and often underrated role in your success. Making a lifestyle change can be difficult. If you are unable to see the gains you’re making and feel good about what you’re doing for yourself, the chances of your success falters. Thats where I come in, I have gone through the struggles, and I have fought my way through them to come out on top of my game. I am strong, I am confident and I am healthy. Let me share my knowledge and passion with you. I can provide you with the support, education and inspiration you need to overcome any obstacle. If you’re ready to change your life once and for all, Im the trainer for you! 

Semi-Personal Training/Small Group 

While you still get all the perks of 1 on 1 training, from customized workouts, to individual assessments. You also get more cost effective payments, and the added motivation and accountability of working out with others who have similar goals in mind. As motivating as a trainer can be a lot of people just find it more fun to train with friends. Now you can do that, while also having a trainer map out your workouts and provide you with the knowledge of performing the exercises correctly. If this sounds good to you, it’s time to call your friends up and get moving. Friends don’t let friends train alone.  

Is it time for you to get fit?

If you want it now, don’t wait for tomorrow!