Online Training Programs

Why Online Training is Right for You

• Do you want the ease and convenience of being able to do your workouts wherever you are?

• Do you travel for work or simply prefer training at home or outdoors?

• Are you unsure of what to do when you get to the gym? 

• Are you hesitant to work out in front of others?

• Do you find yourself wandering around aimlessly trying to come up with a plan for your workout?


Gyms can be intimidating places and walking into a gym without a plan is setting yourself up for failure. Whether you are looking to tone and shred, bulk up, or improve your cardiovascular fitness, I will come up with a plan that will give you the most from your training experience. With an online program from Peak Fitness, we will work together to define your goals. I will then customize a program specifically designed for you. Using the best software in the industry, I will provide you with a comprehensive and easy to use solution to any problem that is holding you back from seeing results. Programs range from 6 to 24 weeks. This isn’t a quick fix. It takes commitment and time to get results. I can help you with both. Are you ready to change your life for the better?

Strong As A Mother Program


Being a new mother myself, I know all too well the challenge of getting back into an exercise routine. Between taking care of a new baby and the struggles of everyday life, it is difficult if not nearly impossible to make yourself a priority. Thankfully, it didn’t take me long to realize that I’m not alone. There are other moms out there feeling the same way I was and I have the ability, knowledge and passion to help! I was inspired to design a program specifically for mothers to help us feel as strong and confident as we deserve. During your initial consultation we will discuss your pre and post-natal experience, delivery and what challenges you face. I will then come up with a program tailored to you that will focus on rebuilding core muscles, strengthening your total body, and improving your cardiovascular conditioning. The benefits you will receive from this program far exceed just the physical. You can look forward to more energy, an improved attitude, increased confidence and an awesome sense of achievement. It’s time to show the world what it means to be “Strong as a Mother”! 

Online Programs include:


• Initial Phone consultation to discuss and determine a plan that is designed specifically for you.


• Access to Trainerize, a leading software in the fitness industry that will map out your workouts, providing both written and visual instructions. Trainerize is top of the line software that lets you track all aspects of your fitness journey, from private progress photos to its partnering with nutritional software My Fitness Pal. It allows you to see your upcoming workouts via its calendar feature and gives you access to your workouts

• 24/7-3 customized workouts per week. This includes your preference of where you workout, at home, outdoors, at a gym. You can even choose to mix it up. Thats the beauty of having a dedicated trainer customizing workouts just for you. 


• Facebook accountability group. Strictly for Peak Fitness clients ,to post questions, provide support and motivation and share in

a community of others with the same mindset. You can share as much or as little as you choose about your fitness journey


• Continuous email support, as well as weekly fit tips, healthy recipes, or motivational content

• Weekly phone/Skype call

• Nutritional Counseling  

• Resistance Band or Jump rope with counter 

Is it time for you to get fit? If you want it now, don’t wait for tomorrow!